5 Reasons to Make a Tee Shirt Your Summer Staple

Everyone has their favorite closet staple. Whether it’s your perfectly worn out jeans, your

classic bomber jacket, or your favorite tee shirt, getting dressed in the morning just isn’t the

same without it.

With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to make a tee shirt into your

everyday dressing ritual. The outfit combinations are endless, so get creative with what you pair

with your tee shirt. Just remember that in fashion, nothing is off limits!


Here are 5 reasons why you need a tee shirt as your summer staple, and how to wear it:


1. With denim cut offs: This is the most classic summer look of all. For the ultimate casual

look, toss on your fav tee with a pair of rough-hem denim cutoffs and some comfy


2. Under a slip dress: This look can be dressed up or down with minimal effort. For a night

out, layer your tee underneath a silk camisole dress. Going to the beach? Layer under a

denim dress or overalls.

3. Layered with a flannel: The West Coast definitely caught onto this trend. To prepare for

changing weather, use light layers, such as a flannel, to keep from getting too chilly or

too hot.

4. Tucked into a skirt: Whether you use an A-line skirt or a more fitted one, the tee shirt

and skirt combo can never go wrong.

5. Tied into a crop top: This trick is going to be your new best friend. Just gather the front

of the tee shirt together and tie it into a loose knot, and voilà! A crop top!

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